Company Profile

GIVREX factory was established in Alexandria, Egypt in 1978, built on the many years of experience acquired by its founder Mr. ROBERT MANSOUR.

Mr. ROBERT MANSOUR directed since the fifties and year after year all his efforts in his country towards increasing the production of frozen fruits and vegetables while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

These efforts have earned him a prominent place and an excellent reputation abroad as well as in Egypt for the fine quality of the different varieties of frozen products made available by GIVREX.

The primary concern of GIVREX is the final consumer and its founder, Mr. Robert Mansour, has always had the same motto: “If you have to do something, do it well, otherwise, don’t do it at all.” This is what new generations are being taught in all places and sectors of GIVREX. They are well aware that they must take care of their products and their customers' good health.

The raw materials which GIVREX uses for processing are grown mostly in the fertile Nile Delta. Blessed with rich, fertile soil, this region is very suitable to growing superior products for processing.

GIVREX inspects its raw materials carefully to ensure that they meet strict standards of freshness and cleanliness. GIVREX is privately operated by the Mansour family. This family business constantly perseveres with the highest level of service to achieve an exceptional, distinctive production.

Since its establishment, Givrex factory has been consistently developed and renewed every year using the best materials and the collaboration of qualified and committed agronoms, engineers and technicians as well as its selected group of experienced workers.

This permanently guarantees a distinguished level of production that meets the best international criterias and satisfies the constant demand of the most selective gourmets, both in the international markets and the various Egyptian points of sale.