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With more than 35 years of experience and up to 10 varieties, Givrex is the oldest company in the Middle East producing artichokes.
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IQF frozen artichoke
Givrex Supplies Numerous Kinds of Arichokes as Follows:
IQF frozen artichoke bottoms IQF frozen artichoke hearts IQF frozen artichoke in halves & quarters IQF frozen artichoke hearts & artichoke with stem IQF blanched artichokes with leaves before the manually peeling procedure
Artichoke Bottoms (3 to 5cm) / (5 to 7cm) / (7 to 9cm). Artichoke Hearts cleaned from inside for stuffing. “Unique in its kind” Artichokes in halves and quarters. Artichoke Hearts and artichokes with stem. Blanched Artichokes with leaves before the manually peeling procedure.
IQF frozen artichoke bottoms in slices for pizzas & salads IQF frozen artichoke dices for topping or dipping IQF frozen artichoke in triangles pieces for pizzas & salads IQF artichoke soup / ready meal IQF frozen blanched artichoke with leaves after the manually peeling
Artichoke Bottoms in slices for pizzas and salads. Artichoke dices for topping or dipping. Artichokes in triangles pieces for pizzas and salads. Artichoke soup / Ready Meal. Blanched Artichoke with leaves after the manually peeling
Remember that all these varieties of Artichoke are
of a Premium Selected Egyptian artichokes of AAA quality.
Givrex provides all kinds of processed artichokes, bottoms as well as hearts, and quarters. Givrex is very knowledgeable about all styles of production and hasthe precious “knowhow” concerning the secrets of production of this rich vegetable. Now a new production line is underway: “artichokes in cans

The main concern of GIVREX is the final consumer. Besides all varieties of bottoms, hearts, halves and quarters, Givrex is unique in supplying artichokes for stuffing, purée of artichoke, and artichoke cream.

Moreover, the artichoke heart is processed from a small tender variety of artichokes known in Egypt as the French Artichoke or Petite Violette. This French artichoke is well known and extensively exported to countries all over the world.

IQF artichokes with stem
At Givrex you will find the delicatessen of artichokes with stem. A unique product of very high quality which will surprise the most professional chiefs.The small artichoke hearts with their tender stem, while offered like a beautiful tulip, will make the whole difference for the most demanding tastes.

Givrex harvest where the weather is exceptional for the product, where the soil is rich and fertile. Then, a competent and professional artistic manpower await for the premium product to add the masters touch.

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